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Boy Scout Troop MIHT168
(Port Huron, Michigan)
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There are both youth and adult leaders in Mackinac IslandHonor Troop 168. The adult leadership is responsible for picking theSenior Patrol Leader, the head youth scout, who then selects the rest ofthe youth leadership. The troop is divided into patrols of 6 or 7scouts to make sure all of the duties on Mackinac Island are completed.

1 Senior Patrol Leader

3 Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders

6 Patrol Leaders

6 Assistant Patrol Leaders

Interested youth must apply for these positions at the first meeting in January.

Effective January 2018, the Troop will be implementing an interview process for all leadership positions.

There are eight adult leaders including the Scoutmaster, 7 Assistant Scoutmasters including Kitchen Officer, Dining Room Officer, Medical Officer, Laundry Officer, Gunnery Officer, Service Project Officer, and Duty Officer. The troop is 100% boy run with adult guidance.