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Boy Scout Troop 32
(Glenview, Illinois)
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Troop Leadership

Troop 32 Youth Leadership consists of the Senior Patrol Leader and two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders.

Senior Patrol Leader: Chris Fish

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Noah Collins

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Matt Penne



Troop 32 adult leaders are all fully trained to guide the boys on all Troop activities and ensure their safety. 

Scoutmaster: Jim Hinz  (224-260-1429)
Assistant Scoutmaster: Richard Baylaender
 Assistant Scoutmaster: Dave Brask
Assistant Scoutmaster: Colin Cole
 Assistant Scoutmaster: Sue Cole
Assistant Scoutmaster: Chris Collins
Assistant Scoutmaster: Brian Conlin
Assistant Scoutmaster: Mike Dashnaw
Assistant Scoutmaster: John Fehr
Assistant Scoutmaster: Mike Fish
 Assistant Scoutmaster: Greg Hathcock
Assistant Scoutmaster: Cory Hinz
Assistant Scoutmaster:  Chris Philbrick
Assistant Scoutmaster:  Karen Pinelli