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Boy Scout Troop 270
(Palm Coast, Florida)
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Camping Checklist

Scouts in Troop 270 will need the following items 
for the monthly camp outs.  Additional items will
be required if the Scout attends summer camp.

*** dinner for Friday night or eat before you get there ***
* backpack (to transport your gear)
* tent / stakes / tarp
* sleeping bag and sleeping pad
* optional small pillow
* weather/scout  appropriate clothing/hat
* rain gear or poncho
* sneakers or boots  NO  OPEN TOED SHOES
flash light / extra batteries
Scout handbook, notepad and pen
* pocket knife and totin chip
* mess kit (plate, bowl and cup),  fork, knife and spoon
* water bottle and mug (for hot drinks)
* non aerosol insect repellent
* sunblock
*towel / washcloth
*  folding chair
*camera (optional)
* personal First Aid kit
* personal hygiene items (deodorant/soap/toothbrush/comb)
* plastic bag for dirty laundry